PROVISKIN is working transparently with our partners and the relevant authorities. The company always ensures the compliance of legal and ethical rules of the areas in which it operates. In addition to the authorizations necessary for our structure applies Good Laboratory Practices (certification in process) related to our business, as well as a strict internal code providing its customers maximum safety and confidentiality.

PROVISKIN has the ability by the French Ministry of Research (AC-2014-2233) to prepare, store and dispose skin products (Articles L.1243-3 and L.1243-4 CSP) of human biological samples used in research as well as the favorable opinions of Advisory Committee (CCTIRS) on the processing of information for research and CPP.  

PROVISKIN enables its customers to comply with the directives "Ban on Animal Testing" and "REACH" established by the European Union. The steps are validated both from a legal and ethical, and we always act transparently (authorizations from the Ministry of Research, CNIL, CNOM, information and patient consent). All our explants are guaranteed 1/2 HIV, HBV and HCV negative.