Cosmetics and toxicology laboratories are constantly looking for solutions to increase the sensitivity and productivity of their studies.

To meet Customer expectations, PROVISKIN provides:

- A range of services for outsourcing test during your product development (percutaneous absorption tests,  effectiveness test, skin irritation test , HPLC quantification)

- A partnership during your R&D project

- Protocols validated using our patented diffusion cell D-Skin  

PROVISKIN  offers a range of services (in vitro tests according to OECD Guidelines, molecule screening, HPLC analysis, consulting pharmacokinetics and dermatology) for the outsourcing of tests, studies and consultancy on behalf of your laboratory.

Our company has a recognized expertise and skills to carry any protocol related to your business. With its network, in vitro studies conducted within PROVISKIN using human skin explants may be fresh or frozen depending on the desired characteristics.