D-Skin : An easy-to-use and time-saving diffusion cell 


D-Skin is a multi-function type of diffusion Cell, of the Franz Cell Type, offering significant amelioration when it comes to ergonomy and scientific possibilities. Thanks to its miniaturization and its modular concept, D-Skin can be modified and adapted by adding new system on top of each other, with the objective to create value for R&D project.

Conceived with an air exhaust, this cell is easy to use because of the asbence of air bubble formation during your test. In addition, the small dimensions of the device makes it feasible to be placed into a incubator and to be disposed on small surfaces without taking too much space.


D-Skin: taking into account exogeneous factors

D-Skin has been developped with small reservoir that can be filled with water/salt solution in order to change the relative humidity rate inside the cell, making it easy to study the diffusion of active ingredient representative of a specific humidity rate. ProviSkin as demonstrated the significant effect of different humidity rate on the absorption and permeability of skin membranes in a article published in the journal Skin Research and Technology (Lboutounne et al. 2014).  


D-Skin Chamber: anti-pollution testing and fully representative studies

D-Skin chamber enables a total controled of the environment within the chamber and so the possibility to work under predetermined gaz mixture, temperature, and humidity, in order to mimic specific conditions. The injection of pollutants within the chamber is particularly adapted in cosmetic research for in vitro test of anti-pollution compounds or to study the impact of pollution on human membranes. 

It allows exogenous factors to be taken into account, which up until now have been overlooked in percutaneous absorption studies: the impact of humidity rates and external temperatures