PROVISKIN: one of the largest network of skin provider in Europe

PROVISKIN currently manages a network of several dozen of surgical provider (tissue banks, clinics, and hospitals) in mainland France and its overseas territories in order to be able to supply its customers with human biopsies in a reliable and reactive way, and with the desired characteristics.


Date of collection : PROVISKIN can deliver fresh or frozen skin at your convenience

Anatomical Part : PROVISKIN provides different anatomical part (abdomen, breast, hip...)

Phototype : sometimes it is of significant scientific values for our clients to able to select the phototype accordingly. From phototype 1 to 6, PROVISKIN let its clients choose whats is best suited to their needs

Sexe, age, and pilosity: since all those parameters have a direct influence on skin permeation, we thrive to provide a large amplitude in terms of age and pilosity.